Subic Bay Children's Home was founded by Teddy Fulfer in 1990. Brother Fulfer served 12 years in the US Marine Corps. While serving his country, he was stationed in the Philippines where he met his wife, Ligaya. Today they have seven children. While in the Philippines Brother Fulfer was deeply troubled with the conditions he saw surrounding the US Navy Base, Subic Bay. The large number of prostitutes and young servicemen had produced a large number of illegitimate children.

In 1984, Brother Fulfer resigned from the Marine Corps and returned to the Philippines with his family as a missionary. He started a church among the nationals.

In 1991, the volcano on Mount Pinatubo erupted, destroying their home, the church and all facilities of the Children's Home.

Since then, over 300 children have gone through the home, all having been given the Gospel, a good loving home and a Christian upbringing. There are about 50 children residing in the home.

All the children that we have had in the past that were offspring of US servicemen are grown now. We have no children at this time that have been father by US service men. We have three children that are the product of street children that were father by US servicemen. We have two children that were father by Chinese. All the rest are pure Filipino.

Some of the developments in the last few years that has been constructed are a fish pond, an orchard, dinning facilities that can accommodate about 72 children, children's living quarters made of local native material, staff housing, and a school building consisting of two classrooms and a library.